Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Apple iPod Event

Today was Apple's- "Just Rock and Roll" iPod event. This is the event where Apple announces the new iPods of the year. I haven't watched the Apple keynote just yet, but when they do I will update this post. So far I know that first of all, the most important thing that came today was Steven Jobs, who has not been feeling so good over the past year.. and by not feeling so good, i meant he had cancer. He got an organ from an organ donor 5 months ago, and now Jobs seems well enough to get back to work. Other things that happened were the announcement of cameras on the iPod Touch 3g and iPod Nano 5g. New colors were added to the iPod Shuffles, no surprise there. Also, iTunes 9 was introduced. All in all it seems like a pretty normal iPod Event. Nothing insanely awesome yet, I guess me and all the other Apple fanboys will have to wait until apple introduces the Mac Tablet...

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