Monday, October 12, 2009

PS3- Just Amazing

Last week I went and baught myself a Playstation 3. I honestly didn't know 1/2 of the things you can do with this amazing piece of technology. The real reason I bought the PS3 was because I really wanted to own a Blu-Ray player, which I have heard that the PS3 is one of the best Blu-Rays out there. Now that i've had it for a couple of days, i am just amazed with all the features it has. The biggest one for me right now, besides the blu-ray (which is very cool), is the Playstation Store, where you can download as many "Game Demos" until your hearts content. Now for anyone who has owned a PS3 or Xbox already are thinking- "So what? PS Store is old news." Well I also own a Wii, which is a very cool machine itself (it just needs some much better games), its store isn't have as good as the PS store because it has no demos, and all the games that are free are old games that they are trying to bring back like Super Mario Bros. But those games only belong on Nintendo 64's and Gameboys. I think i'm rambling, so long story short, the PS3 is a very cool device and I think it only gets a bad rap because of its high-ish price tag, but hey if you like video games or your kids like video games, and you must have a Blu-Ray to complete your own home- theater, I highly recommend for you a Playstaion 3.

Some more +'s for it is-
+ Wireless controler, with motion sensor.
+ Very good Web Browser
+ Great Photo Viewer
+ Playstation Store which includes games and movie/ TV shows.
+ PSP Integration
+ FREE online play

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Matt said...

yeahhh man i totally agree wit u! u r the man and the greatest drwer alive!!! dude u and percival r the greatest! peace out seacrest