Friday, February 5, 2010

Steve Jobs & iPad!

Sorry i have not posted in awhile. I've been pretty busy lately. Right now I have two football portraits in the works. One is of Brett Favre and the other is of Michael Vick. I can't exactly say I'm a fan of these two, but it should be fun to mess around with their faces. Also, I might be drawing cartoon caricatures for a coloring book that a restaurant will feature, so that should be exciting too!
SOO, last week Apple introduced the iPad. Now, naysayers are saying this is a flop for Apple. Well, i strongly disagree. A few people who know me know that i have been thinking about buying a MacBook or a MacBook Air, simply because I was to lazy and to afraid that when I plugged in my Wacom Cintiq 12wx to my MacBook Pro, i might accidentally unplug the wrong thing, and accidentally screw up both my wacom and MacBook. So, the iPad with its low-ish price of $500 is what I have been waiting for. I just needed something that I could do all my web surfing and email on, and the iPad is that thing. Go Apple!

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