Monday, October 22, 2012

Michael A. Kuznar

Hello. My name is Michael, and I would like to formally introduce myself.

I have been a professional caricaturist since 2006. With the help of my parents, I started my own caricature business called Sir DrawZ - A lot Entertainment. Since it's inception, I have worked countless events and drawn thousands of caricatures in many different styles. I've attended two caricature conventions, one national and one international. In 2010 I attended an international caricature convention in Sandusky, OH. There, I had the chance to meet all of my influences in one place like Jason Seiler, Joe Bluhm, Tom Richmond, Glen Ferguson, Jan Op De Beeck, and Fred Harper. 

After those conventions, I really dove head first into digital art. I started to observe other's paintings, then taking what I observed and applying it to my work. After only a couple of months, it became my favorite medium for producing professional caricatures, which I still do today. 

Drawing isn't my only passion however. Since I was a child, I've loved watching films. In fact, the reason I started drawing in the first place was to create a successful comic book series that would be adapted into a movie. That was my dream as a child. But when I started to pay more attention to the people behind the camera, I started to love movie making even more, which is why I started to make videos of my own with some friends. We started a group called "DeliciousNesEssities" or DNEP for short. The videos we created started out rough and silly, because we had no idea how videos should be made. But as I became more and more familiar with storytelling and camera work, we started to make more relative content that had wit and heart.

Some of our most recent videos have been the best work we've done. Our biggest short film "Psychotism" was my personal labor of love. During this past summer, my friend and I wanted to make a short film that we'd been planning for two years. However, it turned out that we had been too ambitious, and the video fell through. We were both down, but still wanted to make something special. But we put it on hold as I took a vacation to California to look at some schools. During my time there, I got to meet a directing duo named Matt and Oz, who work for Funny or Die, and now SNL. They had me come down to Funny or Die's head quarters where we talked about all things relating to film. They gave me some good tips, so when I got back, I was ready to forget our old project, and start something new. With only two weeks left of summer, I sat down on a Sunday afternoon and started to write what would later turn into the script for Psychotism. I sent it to some friends, and they were instantly on board. The whole process of rehearsing, shooting and editing took us up until the last day of Summer, but it finally was uploaded on September 1st, which coincidentally happened to be my birthday as well. Overall, we were pleased with how the original turned out, but later in September, I went back and gave it some extra polish.

Our best two short films:

  PSYCHOTISM : 2012 Short Film                    Retribution Short Film (2012)

So that is me. I am currently finishing my last year of high school and plan to attend college to study Multi-Media in Art and Film. 

Thank you.

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