Sunday, August 16, 2009

District 9: Quick Review

Woah. This film was crazy and by crazy I mean it was amazing. I remember when i was going to watch the trailer for this movie on YouTube I didn't watch pass the 10 second mark because I thought it was going to be a documentary about illegal immigrants and the US. Man was I wrong, well kinda.. The movie is uniquely made as in it starts out just like a documentary, which I thought was a little slow moving but it was a good move on the directors part because it really set you up for what you were about to experience.


The movie starts out interviewing various "scientists" and "astrology professors" all talking about when the aliens came to earth, and how they landed in South Africa, making Alien movies feel foolish for always having UFO's land in the US. Also this movie unlike other alien movies, were not afraid to show the aliens. Have you ever gone to a movie and were disappointed because the main "creature" or "creatures" of the movie weren't shown that much. Well in the movie District 9, thats not the case. And so now for that and many other parts in this movie I give the CGI an A+++. Really, they are that good.

The story is about a man named Wikus Van De Merwe, who is put in charge of the MNU. MNU is a section of the South African Government that is trying to move the aliens also known as the Prons of out of Johannesburg South Africa. During Wikus' escapade to get the Prons to sign that they will move to this new place, Wikus is also supposed to find and confiscate all alien weapons. He finds a small spray can type thing and accidentally sprays himself with alien liquid. The liquid slowly starts to turn him into an alien, and the rest of the movie is about him trying to find the liquid can in MNU's headquarters because the liquid is fuel for an aliens ship, and the alien promises Wikus that if he can get his fuel back, he has technology in the Mother ship to reverse the process and turn Wikus back into a human.

The acting in this movie was terrific, not one person, not even the random one line people on the street were bad actors. I have nothing more to say about the acting except it was just terrific.

This movie really does a good job of showing how the world would probably handle an alien invasion like this. As in the aliens are malnourished and unhealthy. They did not come to our planet to take over, they came because they are the last survivors of their planet and they don't have anywhere else to go. I also liked that the aliens were integrated into how other people around them were living like- gangs, soup kitchens, digging through the trash for food and cloths and finally they all had their own huts/houses.

Conclusion- Neil Blomkamp and Peter Jackson did a fantastic job on this movie. Rating- A+

Picture above is Wikus turning alien and alien friend watching. I can't help but think that I made Wikus look like Fred Armisen from SNL... Oh well

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