Saturday, August 15, 2009

G.I. Joe: Short Review

Last night i caught the 4:15 showing of G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. I went into the movie thinking i would leave unhappy and disappointed. When I got out I was more satisfied with the movie than I thought I would be. A lot of my friends know that I go to many movies just because of the graphics and the CGI stuff, and G.I. Joe was no exception. Only few times I could tell that something looked fake but not often, so I give this film an A for graphics. The story line could have used some work but over all it was pretty good. Some of the disappointing things in it were some bad acting, and some characters were in there that probably did not need to be in there.


Also I wasn't sure why they had to kill storm shadow. Now when they make a second G.I. Joe, which you know they will, they will have to have some type of bogus storm shadow revival, or they will have to go back and pretend like when he fell through the ice, he didn't actually die, which always pisses me off when screen writers and directors decide to just go the easy way, and not come up with something original. Oh well, overall I give this film a B+.

Now tonight i am off to see District 9, which should be very good from what I am hearing from the reviews

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